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Different Kinds Of Mandoline Cuisine

What many fail to realize is that a single kitchen tool can create an entire variety of different meals. The humble mandoline for example can help you come up with different dishes all from the comfort and convenience of your very own kitchen. Mandoline cuisine is very diverse, and if youre a cook seeking to spruce up your menu or a mother just wanting to please her every hungry family, then these mandoline cuisine recipes should help you along the way.

Different Mandoline Cuisine

1. Mushrooms and Leafy Green Salad Who doesnt love sautéed mushrooms on a bed of rich greens? This salad seems pretty straightforward and simple but definitely packs a punch in the flavour department. To achieve this hearty meal, use your mandoline to slice up some mushrooms of your choice. Sautee them in olive oil with sliced onions, minced garlic, and salt and pepper to taste. Once everythings cooked, set the mushrooms on a bed of watercress and drizzle lemon juice and vinaigrette. This mandoline cuisine recipe wont take too much of your time, but is guaranteed to wow even the pickiest of diners.

2. Lemon Honey Tart If youre looking to improve your dessert menu, try your hand at making a lemon honey tart. The crust is pretty easy as long as you know how to work with store bought crust. Simply lay it down in a tin and slather on some butter. Fill it with a layer of cream, add some sugar, vanilla extract, and lemon juice before mixing it all together. On the top of it, place a layer of thinly sliced lemons with the peels attached and bake for 15 minutes at 375 degrees F. This mandoline cuisine recipe is perfect for those who want a sweet treat and want to stick to health eating at the same time.

3. Vegetable Toast Youre probably already tired of the fried eggs on toast breakfast that youve been having for years now, so its about time you mixed things up. You can create this simple mandoline cuisine recipe with nearly any vegetable you want. Slice up your selection of veggies such as onions, carrots, cucumbers, leeks, and anything else you might want to toss on to some toast. Toast a slice of whole wheat bread and slather on some cream cheese. Add in your vegetables and enjoy! You can also opt to stir fry your veggies to add a little extra flavour into the entire thing.

4. Apple Chips Sweet, crunchy, and flavourful are just some of the words people use to describe this delicious mandoline cuisine recipe. Simply take an apple and slice it into equal and consistent thin slices. Fry them in a pan until golden brown and dust off with confectioners sugar and cinnamon to taste. This makes for the ultimate summer time snack for you and your loved ones, or simply an easy treat to make for your kids before they head off for school. You can also experiment with other fruit depending on your preferences.


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